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Sampling System Evaluation
& Advisory Services

Improve your sampling system's reliability, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Improve Your Reliability with Swagelok® Sampling System Evaluation and Advisory Services

Inaccurate samples can cause sampling system inefficiencies, affecting the overall quality of your process outputs. By having our analytical sampling experts perform a thorough study of your sample systems at your facilities, you may increase the accuracy of your sampling system, from process tap to analyzer. Our sampling system evaluation and advisory services will ensure that your samples are representative, delivered to the analyzer in a timely manner and compatible with the analyzer — resulting in increased productivity, reduced operating expenses and maintenance costs, and identification of unseen opportunities for overall system improvement.

We will document your existing sampling systems and provide a detailed report, helping you:

  • Decrease time delays 
  • Obtain representative samples 
  • Eliminate causes of poor sample quality 
  • Reduce required maintenance and analyzer calibration/downtime 
  • Resolve issues caused by high particulate loads 
  • Make the right design choices and integrate the right assemblies

Get Help with Analyzers and Sampling Systems

Reliable sampling systems and analyzers are critical to producing safe, quality products. Swagelok field engineers are sampling specialists that can identify the source of system issues and then find a solution. Hear from Swagelok field engineers on how they can work with you onsite to find and solve problems with an existing sampling system or analyzer or help design and assemble new ones.

What to Expect

Every customer, facility, and engagement is unique, but typically these are the steps when engaging with our Fluid System Specialists:

1. Consulting

Starting with a meeting or phone conversation, we gather information to understand the situation. We want to learn about our customer's applications, operations, and current challenges. Then we recommend the next steps and provide a quote, if applicable.


2. Inspection


Our Swagelok-certified field engineers will inspect your facility to pinpoint issues. Our thermal imaging and ultrasonic equipment find leaks as small as 1 x 10-3 cm3/s. We also note potential safety hazards, misapplication of components, and excessive wear or damage.


3. Analysis

Working with data and observations made onsite, we quantify each issue's impact on your operation. The advice reflects a range of considerations, such as issue location, severity, estimated cost, and effect on safety, emissions, system reliability/production capacity, and product quality.


4. Delivery

We deliver a report summarizing what we evaluated, issues observed, and our recommendations, and addressing each issue in detail. Details include but are not limited to the root cause, exact location/tag ID, and how to resolve the issue. Our customer gets as much time as they need to discuss the findings.



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