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Oil and Gas

Find the high-quality fluid system products, support, and deep understanding of oil and gas applications you need to improve the safety, productivity, and environmental performance of fluid systems in your facility. 

Comprehensive Support for an Evolving Industry

Deeper wells in more remote locations. New drilling techniques. Higher temperatures and pressures. Highly corrosive environments. Volatile market conditions. A lot is changing, yet one thing remains constant: the need for dependable fluid systems throughout your operations that are optimized to get the job done.

You can’t afford to compromise when it comes to safety and reliability. Neither can suppliers if they want to work with you. The well-being of your people, profitability, and the environments in which you operate depend on it. We can help by offering high-quality fluid system components, fully engineered fluid and sampling system assemblies, and analytical equipment designed to provide the level of performance needed in the demanding oil and gas market. Besides reliable products, we offer practical training, design and assembly support, and evaluation and advisory services delivered by a global network of professionals committed to helping you overcome challenges inherent to accessing the energy reserves that fuel our world. Whatever your fluid system needs, trust that Swagelok can help. 

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Swagelok Malaysia Oil And Gas Market & Capabilities

Learn how we can help you optimize your plant's CAPEX and OPEX.

Our Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Our Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

How We Can Help the Oil and Gas Industry

Increasing Safety

Keeping workers safe is important in any project, but it is an especially critical consideration in challenging onshore and offshore environments where you’re drilling, producing, processing, treating, transporting, or refining highly volatile fluids. We can help you build safety into your fluid system-related practices from installation through routine maintenance

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Minimizing Downtime, Maximizing Reliability

When it comes time for turnarounds or repairs, you want a supplier with local inventory and support that is committed to getting you the products and services you need for long-term success. Most importantly, avoiding excess downtime can mean saving hundreds of thousands of ringgit per day. With our strategically located branches, we can help you keep your fluid system downtime to a minimum.

Controlling Total Lifecycle Costs

In harsh, remote environments where you are operating high-pressure fluid systems that are critical to your productivity, you need products and designs that will stand up to the demands of your application. You need solutions that will provide value long-term and prove uncomplicated to install, operate, and maintain.



Selecting Materials for Corrosion Resistance

An offshore platform can have nearly 50,000 feet of tubing, more than 20,000 fluid system components, no fewer than 10,000 fittings, and as many as 8,000 mechanical connections. No wonder choosing corrosion-resistant material isn’t easy. Learn how to make choices right for your application. Read More. 


Why Fluid System Filters Are Critical for Reliable Operations

Learn about the basics of fluid system filters and gas and liquid filtration as well as how you can apply them to your systems to protect critical components and optimal outcomes. Read More. 


How Training Can Minimize Risk on Oil and Gas Platforms

Proper training on critical fluid system activities is important on oil and gas platforms. Learn how the right training can help prevent accidents. Read More. 

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