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Hose Management

Extend Your Hose Life and Improve Its Performance — Reducing Costs, Gaining Efficiency.

Start Reducing Costly Hose Repair in Your Facility

Eliminate a variety of hose-related issues that cause safety concerns, unplanned downtime, low product yield, or costly part replacements by engaging Swagelok® hose advisory services. Our experienced hose advisors will conduct site evaluations and provide prioritized improvement recommendations. We go beyond surface examinations to discover the underlying cause of failures or issues like kinking, selection, compatibility, length, and connections.

Our hose advisors will you help by: 

  • Providing feedback on hoses, installation, inspection, and maintenance 
  • Explaining hose selection criteria to improve hose life and performance 
  • Suggesting standardized end connections and couplings 
  • Developing preventive maintenance schedules and managing inventory 
  • Documenting hose installation and wear concerns

Hose Advisory and Optimization

When a hose fails, it can bring down the production line or the entire system. Enter Swagelok® Hose Advisory and Optimization Services: Our hose advisors will identify ways to enhance your hose selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance procedures to improve hose life and performance. We’ll go beyond surface examinations to discover the underlying cause of hose failures or issues.

What to Expect

Every customer, facility, and engagement is unique, but typically these are the steps when engaging with our Fluid System Specialists: 

1. Analysis

If you are providing hose specifications, we will check to ensure that the results will meet the requirements. However, If you need our help to specify a type of hose, we will go through some steps which include factors such as size, temperature, application, material, pressure, and end connection type.


2. Fabrication

Our Swagelok-certified technicians will handle the fabrication. Swagelok assembly certification involves producing dozens of samples, each of which is inspected by Swagelok manufacturing engineers and put through destructive testing.


3. Quality Control

Every hose is pressure tested with water to ensure proper assembly and high performance. A pressure test certificate is then packaged with each hose. The rigorous assembly process and 100% testing ensure you receive a high-quality reliable hose.


4. Delivery

We clean and either cap or bag the hose to ensure contaminants are not introduced into your fluid system from the hose. Orders are shipped to you. 



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