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Whether you work for a tool OEM, a chip fabricator, or another company supporting the semiconductor industry, we here to help you maximize profitability and compete effectively in a swiftly changing marketplace with our fluid system products, technical expertise and service capabilities. 

Productivity for Today. Innovation for Tomorrow.

We understand that innovation is the foundation of the semiconductor industry success. Relentless advancement in electronic technology demands more complex, more compact microchips, and competition is fierce.

For over five decades, Swagelok® has provided high-quality fluid system components and support to semiconductor tool manufacturers and chip fabricators to help them evolve production processes and equipment while maintaining the precision and cleanliness needed to sustain profitability. As a result, we have the privilege of working with leading semiconductor companies in Malaysia who trust us to help them increase chip yield and quality, reduce lifecycle costs, and maintain safe fluid system operations.

We provide support to the local semiconductor industry, helping them access the fluid system products they need in a timely manner and troubleshoot problems as they arise to minimize uptime and maximize profitability. Whatever fluid system challenges you face, work with the company trusted for decades to help the semiconductor industry evolve—Swagelok Malaysia.

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How to Use ALD Valves in Ultrahigh-Purity Production

See how Swagelok facilities are designed to produce ultrahigh-purity fluid system products for the semiconductor industry in this virtual tour. Our facilities adhere to the strictest quality and cleanliness standards to ensure our products meet your needs.

Our Services for the Semiconductor Industry

Our Products for the Semiconductor Industry

How We Can Help the Semiconductor Industry

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Higher Speed, Yield, and Profitability

As the miniaturization of process nodes continues, Swagelok components and solutions give our customers access to the UHP cleanliness levels and extreme dosing precision needed to maintain high yields.

We also give them the ability to experiment with chemistries and processes that require performance at higher temperatures or flow rates. For applications beyond chip-manufacturing tools, we provide reliable fluid system components designed to perform well throughout a variety of industrial facility applications, helping fabricators avoid downtime. As processes evolve, our team can help you design solutions to production challenges so that you can maximize your throughput of high-quality products and your ability to innovate.

Reduced Total Lifecycle Costs

Given the cost of semiconductor production and the value of the outputs, downtime must be avoided to maintain profitability. To minimize total cost of ownership, Swagelok components are engineered to deliver consistent performance over millions of cycles in challenging process environments. We know that the exploration of new precursor gas options for deposition requires fluid system components to withstand hotter production processes and more corrosive media, and we have designed our products to last in challenging conditions so that you can replace components less frequently, minimizing process downtime and maximizing throughput.

Consistent Performance, Consistent Experience

We have the people, processes, and technology to give you confidence that you will receive the consistency you need from product to product across your international operations. That consistency starts with Swagelok’s strict manufacturing process controls and is supported by associates who help you maintain reliable performance throughout the full lifecycle of your fluid systems. Our fluid system specialists provide technical support, training, evaluation and advisory services, design and assembly support, and other insights from hundreds of locations across the globe. Find the support and reliable components you need to deliver the quality and consistency your customers expect when you work with Swagelok Malaysia.

Safe Fluid System Operation

Given the nature of the chemicals used in semiconductor facilities, safety precautions are paramount. Fluid leaks must be taken seriously, and avoiding them requires choosing every system component carefully. Safe component selection matters far beyond semiconductor manufacturing tools. Something as simple as condensation on the outside of a chiller hose that is not properly insulated could result in slip hazards or downtime until a puddle can be identified. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of leak-tight, corrosion-resistant fluid system components, and assemblies that are properly constructed to promote safe conditions in your facilities.



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