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Fluid System Evaluation
& Advisory Services

Improve your fluid system performance, enhance safety, and reduce downtime.

Discover the Benefits of Fluid System Evaluation and Advisory Services

Swagelok® fluid system evaluation and advisory services bring the technical expertise, application experience, and industry knowledge of Swagelok field engineers to your facilities, helping you get the most from your fluid systems. Rely on our certified engineers to help you improve operational performance, reduce cost and labor time, and mitigate safety, quality, and environmental risks.

How Our Services Benefit Customers

Consider how our fluid system evaluation and advisory services can relieve various pressures on your business based on the successes others have experienced: 

  • Improve fluid system performance, productivity, and reliability 
  • Enhance the safety of your fluid systems 
  • Reduce costs related to downtime 
  • Mitigate environmental risks and reduce emissions

Fluid System Evaluation Advisory Services

Learn what to expect when field engineers visit your facility, evaluate your fluid or sampling systems, advise on installation practices, and recommend system enhancements via detailed reports tailored to address your most pressing challenges.

What to Expect

Every customer, facility, and engagement is unique, but typically these are the steps when engaging with our Fluid System Specialists: 

1. Consulting

Starting with a meeting or phone conversation, we gather information to understand the situation. We want to learn about our customer's applications, operations, and current challenges. Then we recommend the next steps and provide a quote, if applicable.


2. Inspection

While onsite, we document your existing systems, looking for ways to eliminate causes of poor sample quality, such as blockage or moisture carryover; reduce required maintenance and analyzer downtime by optimizing system design, including proper probe design and tap location; and resolve issues caused by high particulate loads by implementing filter and separator best practices and calculating sample transport times.


3. Analysis

Working with data and observations made onsite, we quantify each issue's impact on your operation. The advice reflects a range of considerations, such as issue location, severity, estimated cost, and effect on safety, emissions, system reliability/production capacity, and product quality.


4. Delivery

We deliver a report summarizing what we evaluated, issues observed, and our recommendations addressing each issue in detail. Details include but are not limited to the root cause, exact location/tag ID, and how to resolve the issue. Our customer gets as much time as they need to discuss the findings.



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