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Clean Energy

Swagelok engineers performance, safety, and reliability for clean energy technologies and infrastructure including proven solutions for production, distribution, compression, refuelling, and mobility.

Performance and Reliability for the Next Frontier in Fuel Technology

The need for sustainability is driving innovation across the clean energy market. Alternative fuel technologies are helping buses, trucks, and other vehicles operate more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. Building fluid systems for applications involving the storage, transfer, and use of pressurized, potentially volatile, small-molecule fluids requires the use of components with advanced performance capabilities. It also requires a strong understanding of materials science, fluid system design best practices, and global alternative fuel industry certifications, standards, and approval processes

If you are working toward building a cleaner environment through cleaner mobility solutions, work with the company that transportation companies worldwide trust when their fluid systems must not fail—Swagelok Malaysia.

Hydrogen car

Building Mission-Critical Hydrogen Compressors

Learn how PDC Machines, a specialty hydrogen compressors manufacturer, delivers high-quality equipment for a variety of emerging hydrogen mobility applications with the help of Swagelok fluid system solutions.

Our Services for the Clean Energy Industry

Our Products for the Clean Energy Industry

How We Can Help the Clean Energy Industry

Improving Safety

Safety is a high priority in any application involving the handling and transportation of potentially hazardous fluids. It is especially important when the future of alternative-fuel vehicle adoption depends on widespread perceptions that the technology is safe to use. Swagelok Malaysia can help you make sure your  your fluid system-related practices are safe, from component installation through routine maintenance.

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Enabling Performance

Designing hydrogen and CNG/LNG mobility solutions is uniquely challenging. Hydrogen embrittles and degrades many metals, and its small molecule size can lead to leaks if seals are not tight enough. High pressures, rapidly changing temperatures, and persistent vibration all pose challenges to alternative fuel vehicle fuel systems and supporting infrastructure. Our engineers can help you find the advanced fluid system performance you need by recommending or constructing fluid system components and assemblies configured to suit your requirements.

Minimizing Downtime, Maximizing Reliability

Whether you are building on-vehicle, fueling, refueling station, or in-facility fluid systems, you need access to readily available, reliable fluid system components to keep your assembly lines and critical processes moving. Our Swagelok-trained and certified associates can provide you with conveniently accessible, globally consistent fluid system products suited for transportation industry applications. Not only that, we can also provide onsite assistance to help you troubleshoot and avoid fluid system leaks, inefficiency, or downtime.


Clean Energy

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Building Safe and Reliable Hydrogen Refueling Stations

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